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1 AM 1 PM unflavored & unsweetened
1 AM Sunny Citrus & 1 PM Tropical Punch
1 AM Vanilla Chai & 1 PM Chocolate Lava
1 AM Fresh Lime & 1 PM Very Berry 
4 AM & 4 PM Capsules (1 daily dose)
Your nutreince sample pack will contain a single packet of each of the great powder varieties plus the capsules to try.  You will receive 4 AM samples and 4 PM samples so that you can try them all and determine your favorites, plus both the AM and PM capsules. 

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According to the USDA, more than 92% of Americans are deficient in the essential micronutrients needed to maintain basic health. Shockingly, this affects nearly twice as many people as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes combined! This makes micronutrient deficiency the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, in our modern world we can’t just eat a well-balanced diet and get all the nutrition we need. First, our modern foods are no longer supplying us with the amount of vitamins and minerals that they did for our ancient ancestors or even our grandparents. And second, our modern lifestyles are demanding more of these scarce, yet essential micronutrients than ever before.
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  •  Low Energy or Fatigue
  •  Slow Metabolism
  •  Mood Swings
  • High Cholesterol
  •  Low Immune System
  • Hormone Imbalance
  •  Declining Memory
  •  Food Cravings
  •  Poor Eyesight
  •  Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  •  Cancer or Diabetes
Science has shown that these health conditions and many more have mirconutrient deficiencies as the root cause.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way.
Our food supply is deficient in essential vitamins and minerals and our modern lifestyle robs us of even more. Gambling with absorption and usability of crucial nutrients is a thing of the past when you use the Anti-Competition Technology™ of nutreince. Try it now, risk-free.
The Shocking Truth About Multivitamins
Science has long known that taking a once-a-day multivitamin is insufficient because your body cannot absorb all the nutrients at one time given the competition for receptor sites.

Supplement companies make weak attempts at getting around this proven competition for absorption with questionable tactics such as adding binders meant to delay absorption, or chelation (chemically binding nutrients to amino acids to be absorbed through pathways other than their normal absorption process). None of these pathways are proven to ensure the uptake you need. 

Why risk adding fillers or binders, using unreliable time-release tactics, not to mention flow agents and preservatives? Doesn’t it make far more sense to simply confirm which nutrients compete for absorption and separate them? 

We thought so too, which is why we researched, formulated and created Anti-Competition Technology™ in hopes of healing Mira of her life-altering condition (story below). 
Patented Anti-Competition Technology™
A Simply Elegant Solution
Anti-Competition Technology™ may sound like a complicated process, but it’s really a perfectly logical, pragmatic application of a simply elegant solution to better provide essential nutrients for the complicated magnificence that is your body. 

Sure, binders and coatings can be added to supplements to delay their absorption over time as they pass through the digestive tract, but these questionable chemicals can preventing absorption altogether! Gambling that your body will uptake chelated forms of minerals that have been unnaturally bound to amino acids is just as risky. Why wonder when you can take advantage of the natural solution, Anti-Competition Technology™. 

Decades of research found more than 45 different competitions between essential vitamins and minerals for absorption. Anti-Competition Technology™ naturally separates the competing micronutrients into two unique, 
non-competing formulas that fully dissolve for complete absorption.

This ensures that even the nutrients in your food will not interfere with the absorption of the valuable micronutrients you’re paying for when you invest in your health with nutreince. 
Skip the high-tech wrapping of essential nutrients in chemical bondage that makes it hard for the body to absorb let alone pronounce! 

Here’s an idea...simply take the unaltered forms of the micronutrients you need and separate them into an AM dose and a PM dose.   

Would that work to supply the body with all the elements it needs to perform at the highest levels and kick its own healing  processes into high gear?  YES.

If It's That Simple, Why Doesn't Every Multivitamin Use Anti-Competition™
The short answer is profits! We gave you the simple version of how nutreince was formulated based on simple science that makes sense, but like your body’s natural ability to heal and preserve itself, the process is complicated and, when done right, more expensive.  
Since you’re both smart and worth it... here’s the reason other multivitamins don’t use this simple solution to a complicated problem. It’s COST PROHIBITIVE!
The decades of research in micronutrient competition also shed light on which forms and types of nutrients the body can use most efficiently. Because our modern lifestyle depletes us in so many ways, the majority of us have challenges with a process called methylation, which is the breaking down of nutrients into the usable forms our bodies need to thrive. 
So how do you choose a properly formulated multivitamin?
The answer is as simple as the ABCs.

During our years of research on micronutrients, we identified 4 major flaws in the multivitamin. These pitfalls stand as roadblocks on your journey to achieving the extraordinary health you deserve.

Until a supplement eliminates these problematic pitfalls you are simply wasting your money on multivitamins that just don’t work.

Luckily, we identified and eradicated these flaws and created a product, nutreince, that delivers all the benefits of the essential vitamins and minerals in an easy to drink, enjoyable, twice a day multivitamin beverage.

We created an easy to remember acronym to help you to identify superior supplements. We call it the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines. The letters A, B, C and S all stand for flaws that make other multivitamins deliver less than they should.
Nutreince is the only multivitamin formulated to follow the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines.


Our in-depth research on absorbency revealed that the most effective multivitamin would be a water-soluble powdered formula in single serving packets (to avoid oxidation) free of binders, fillers, excipients, sugars, artificial flavors and colors. That's exactly what you get with nutreince. For those who prefer capsules, we also offer nutreince in easy to swallow, immediate release, vegetarian capusle. 


Nutreince contains 100% of 20 essential vitamins and minerals utilizing only the most bioavailible forms. This includes 420 mg of magnesium, 2 forms of vitamin K2, 2000 IU of Vitamin D3, 500 mg of calcium, 6 mg of lutein, methylated folate & B12, and all 8 forms of vitamin E. 


Nutreince does the work of separating the vitamins and minerals that have been scientifically proven to compete for absorption and utilization. Take the completely unique AM and PM formulas twenty minutes away from meals to ensure the nutrients in your food don't interfere with absorption.


Nutreince goes beyond eliminating competition by pairing synergistic nutrients in each formula. Just as some nutrients compete, others can also enhance each other's absorption. The unique AM and PM formulas harness the power of these powerful synergies.
Let My Pain Be Your Gain
Being told, “You’ve got the bones of an 80 year-old woman.” and diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis at the age of 30 made it a necessity to ensure calcium uptake while balancing the orchestra of micronutrients that must be in place for the body to heal naturally.  

Click play on the video to get the real story that just might save you and your loved ones from the pain and panic that I experienced. If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis and want to learn more about how I completely reversed my advanced osteoporosis go to

Here's What Health Authorities Are Saying About Nutreince

Dave Asprey  |  The Bullet Proof Executive

“For a very long time I said, “Don’t take multivitamins.” Because you can’t control the ratios, and I never found one that met my standards, but yours is the closest. I have great respect for the work you’ve done. I am one of the 10% with the genetic mutation that doesn’t handle folic acid very well. Throwing it in with the food, all willy-nilly, well, it just doesn’t serve us. The fact that you guys changed the formula, I really respect that. I am really pleased.”

Dr. Izabella Wentz , Pharm.D., FASCP |  Thyroid Pharmacist

"I used to actually hate multivitamins before I met you guys, because we learn in pharmacy school that basically there are different nutrients that compete with one another for absorption a … you see all those things together in one pill and you’re like how much of that is actually going to get absorbed and ...I actually do now recommend multivitamins but only if they are from you guys (Calton Nutrition)."

Josh Holland  |  Celebrity Trainer & Certified Fitness Expert

"As a celebrity trainer my clients are constantly asking me about how to choose the highest quality supplements. I’m a firm believer in becoming micronutrient sufficient to enhance physical performance and optimize fat loss. I recommend Calton Nutrition products to all my clients and personally use Nutreince and IN.POWER protein and LOVE THEM! "

Stephen Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS  | 
Physician, Nutritionist, Author, and Creator of Health Programs for Public Television.

"For those seeking a multivitamin without pills or capsules, this is a great tasting, easy to consume option. I am delighted to see 2000 IU of vitamin D and mixed folate forms included in this high quality multivitamin."

Dr. Tami Mergalia, MD  |  Author of The Hormone Secret

"I love nutreince for my patients as I know that no matter what is going on with their gut health, they are going to be able to absorb this ultra complete supplement. The added bonus is that it encourages my patients to drink their water.”

Jon Gabriel  |  Author and Creator of The Gabriel Method

"The work that you’re doing is mind blowing and revolutionary.The things you have said things about nutreince and absorption are things that before a few months ago, I’ve never heard before. The nutreince supplements that I have been taking that you sent me have totally changed my energy level, completely… I haven’t taken a multivitamin in 10 years, I don’t believe in multivitamins because they don’t absorb properly… I don’t believe in them, I’m taking nutreince now, it’s the only one I believe in…I really love the Calton’s nutritional supplements. Jayson and Mira are light years ahead of anyone else in understanding the science of nutrient absorption. I feel a tremendous surge in my energy levels when I take their nutreince formula."
Tap Into Your Nutrient-dense Power Source
In addition to having bioavailable forms of 100% of the RDI for 20 essential micronutrients, 500 mg of calcium, and 2000 IU of vitamin D - NUTREINCE ALSO CONTAINS:


The combination of calcium and magnesium kill both sweet and salty cravings.*


Protect your eyes from blue light and macular degeneration with 6 mg of lutein in each daily dose. 


CoQ10 can help you feel younger by boosting energy and reducing the normal signs of aging*


Enhance glucose tolerance with vanadium and a pure, niacin-bound form of chromium*


Move calcium out of the arteries and into the bones with all 3 forms of vitamin k and 5-MTHF*


Full spectrum Vitamin E because sufficiency makes you 85% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s*
Save Money When You Buy Nutreince
56 Packets Per Box (28 AM + 28 PM)
Cost Per Day
Annual Savings of Over $1200
Grab your sample pack today and get all of the following:
1 AM 1 PM unflavored & unsweetened
1 AM Sunny Citrus & 1 PM Tropical Punch
1 AM Vanilla Chai & 1 PM Chocolate Lava
1 AM Fresh Lime & 1 PM Very Berry 
4 AM & 4 PM Capsules (1 daily dose)
Your nutreince sample pack will contain a single packet of each of the great powder varieties plus the capsules to try. You will receive 4 AM samples and 4 PM samples so that you can try them all and determine your favorites, plus both the AM and PM capsules. 

Grab your sample pack for FREE (pay only $3.99 for shipping - U.S. only) and you receive our $10 sample pack plus a $10 coupon to use on your next purchase. 

That is a $20 value for only $3.99
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At Calton Nutrition your total satisfaction is our main priority. That is why we offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee (Shipping & Handling will not be refunded). This means you can try any of the Calton Nutrition brand products and if you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply return it to us for a full refund within 30-days.(excludes nutreince sample packs*) But it doesn’t end there, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we are extending our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and adding on an additional 70-day in-store credit policy. Meaning, even after the 30-day money back guarantee is over, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 100-days simply return your unused products to us for a full in-store credit. (please note: no cash/credit refunds will be issued after 30-days – only in-store credit. No in-store credit will be issued after 100 days from purchase date.

Here's How Nutreince is Changing People's Lives
"At first, I was skeptical, but nutrients has completely won me over. As a sports medicine physician, I have seen many vitamin products come and go, but nutreince is the real deal. I feel confident prescribing it to my patients and taking it myself."
ROBERT NICOLETTA, MD  -  Chief of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center and Assistant Professor in Orthopedic Surgery, Tufts University
"I am a 43-­‐year old personal trainer and mother of 2 and I have not found a multivitamin until
now that can keep my energy levels where I need them to get through the day. I used to get at least one bad cold a season and that has not happen for the last 2 that I have been taking nutreince. I highly recommend this vitamin to everyone."
MEGAN C  -  Personal Trainer Australia
"I've tried a million high-­‐end multivitamins with no noticeable difference, but yours has literally been life changing! Hormonal imbalances corrected themselves in the first 30 days! Love it!"
COURTNEY C  -  Florida
"On the first day I took Nutreince I noticed that I immediately felt more energy, which
was really surprising. On the third day I noticed I was sleeping better too and I just feel more alive and awake. I have a mental illness and I noticed emotionally I feel better and I'm coping with stress better. This product is seriously awesome and I'm recommending it to everyone I know. I'm really, really excited… I feel like I've been searching for something like this for the last 3 years."
REBECCA G. - Victoria, Australia
"I just want to say, yeah!! Finally someone has come up with a good vitamin that's easy to use,
without all the bad ingredients they add to over the counter vitamins. Also, I eat mostly organic foods so this goes along with my healthy lifestyle. Thank you."
JANET D  -  Hampton, Illinois
"I am in love with Nutreince. I am ordering my second month. My nails are longer than
they have been in years, and people keep complimenting me saying they don't know what it is, but I look amazing! Thank you!"
MICHELE M  -  New York
"I am healthy and fit 47 y/o without any physical complaints. I eat a balanced whole foods diet. 4 weeks ago I replaced my vitamin regimen with Nutreince. (Saw you on Fox and read the book) I had a little trouble with flavor at first. But within a few days I noticed a significant increase in energy and it has lasted. I felt fine, but now I feel great! Amazing what happens when you absorb your vitamins!"
"I cannot be without my Nutreince! It is sooo easy and tasty to take, I've ditched all those pills that I was not sure we're doing much of anything. Having come through two surgeries that have compromised my gut/digestion, and having set aside my reading glasses within a month of starting these vitamins (and my distance vision is also somewhat improved), I just know that the nutrient absorption is stellar! I don't make recommendations easily, however, it's easy to recommend Nutreince."
RESOLUTE M  -  Washington
We are Dr. Jayson Calton and Certified Nutritionist Mira Calton and we believe that Health is our most precious commodity.

We created nutreince out of a desperate need to reverse Mira’s advanced osteoporosis and give her back her health. We knew that our research into properly formulated vitamins and minerals had really paid off, when after only two  years the debilitating bone disease had been reversed. Now it is our mission to work as the world’s leading experts on the topic of creating micronutrient sufficiency to help both adults and children to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse health and disease conditions.

Our research into micronutrient competition led us to realize that the health benefits of more than 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the typical multivitamin were potentially being negated. We have always been inspired by innovative thinkers whose visionary ideas have improved the world. We believe that the technology behind nutreince will propel the multivitamin into the 21st century—and will improve your health and that of millions of others.

*These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Testimonials on this page or at are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of nutreince, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
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