in.essence gives you 100% organic, culinary grade essential oils that concentrate the power of botanicals without risking exposure to concentrated toxins.
in.essence gives you 100% organic, culinary grade essential oils that concentrate the power of botanicals without risking exposure to concentrated toxins.
in.essence essential oils
100% organic, therapeutic and culinary grade oils available in lavender, lemon, orange, basil and lemongrass.   
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Essential oils harness the power of plants by concentrating botanical oils from leaves, seeds, fruit, rind, bark or roots.  While concentration is the key to accessing many proven health benefits, it makes no sense to expose yourself to concentrated toxins from pesticides. That is exactly what happens when essential oils are made from conventionally grown plants.  

In.essence provides the power of concentrated, culinary grade botanicals from 100% organic harvests. This gives you access to all the wonderful benefits without exposure to dangerously concentrated chemicals.  In.essence is your high-quality option that is available without breaking the bank.

Essential oils are super powerful, health-promoting tools that can be used in three distinct ways.
For thousands of years, cultures from around the globe have used essential oils in a variety of ways – as perfumes, for medicinal purposes and even in their spiritual rituals.

Essential oils contain the powerful protective and healing compounds of the plant or tree they were derived from and are often used in holistic treatments like aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine.

Essential oils differ from fatty oils such as vegetable or seed oils, which are made up of large molecules that cannot penetrate your cells. Instead, essential oils are composed of very small molecules weighing less than 1000m, (m = weight of the molecule) a weight which scientific research has shown is small enough to pass into the bloodstream and penetrate your cells to deliver their therapeutic benefits. Some compounds in essential oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier.

Just like multivitamins, healthy cooking oils, protein powders and fish oil products, not all essential oils are created equally. When formulating our in.essence organic essential oils, we made sure to source only the highest quality ingredients possible. That means that each and every in.essence oil is 100% USDA certified organic, is extracted by using either steam distillation or cold pressing, and is therapeutic and culinary grade quality. This is not what you will find with most of the other essential oils on the market.
1. Diffuse
When diffused, essential oils fill the air with beautiful scents that not only replace toxic air fresheners that can cause hormonal imbalances, but have also been shown to decrease stress levels, increase natural energy, and even generate romance. †
2. Ingest
Flavor your sparkling water or tea with a drop of in.essecce organic, food grade essential oil. Save time and money by using in.essence basil, lemongrass, or lavender and reap their undeniable health benefits. Instead of zesting lemons or oranges, use a drop of these pure and potent essential oils.  †
3. Apply
Avoid toxic body care products with chemical fragrances by creating your own homemade lotions, shampoos, and even bug repellant using in.essence essential oils. You'll get easy recipes in the digital Guide To Essential Oils that comes free with any in.essence purchase! †
Lemon essential oil is naturally antibacterial and antiviral, has been scientifically proven to support seasonal allergy relief, promote healthy liver function and lymphatic health, and uplift mood. It contains potent antioxidants, supports detoxification and promotes a healthy immune system.
Orange essential oil has been shown to help with mental sharpness and promote balanced emtions. Scientific testing has also proven that this potent, organic oil supports detoxification, aids in digestion and assists in respiratory health.  
The benefits of lavendar essential oil are astounding. Research concludes that lavender essential oil improves sleep, reeduces stress and anxiety, reduces canker sores, alleviates dandruff, promotes healhty skin, reduces symptoms of motion sickness, helps relieve pain from migraine headaches, and even helps to cleanse cuts
You might be suprised to learn that lemongrass essential oil can kill germs and fungus, ease digestion and suport detoxification, reduce inflammation and fight free radical damage in the body. Emotionally, it's been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, promote a feeling of inner balance. It also naturally repells mosquitos!
The powerful essential oil from basil leaves can fight viruses, reduce inflammation, relieve congestion, improve fatigued and aching muscles, help heal ear infections, and it's even used to treat bronchitis, asthma and sinus infections. Skin troubles? Basil essential oil can also keep acne at bay.
Balance Your Body With in.essence
Raise the quality on your essential oils while lowering the cost!
  • 100% pure organic essential oils
  • Culinary grade oils that are safe to ingest
  • Powerful, theraputic grade concentration
  • 5 varieties for all your essential oil needs
  • 15 ml bottle – 250 servings
At Calton Nutrition your total satisfaction is our main priority. That is why we offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee (Shipping & Handling will not be refunded). This means you can try any of the Calton Nutrition brand products and if you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply return it to us for a full refund within 30-days.(excludes nutreince sample packs*) But it doesn’t end there, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we are extending our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and adding on an additional 70-day in-store credit policy. Meaning, even after the 30-day money back guarantee is over, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 100-days simply return your unused products to us for a full in-store credit. (please note: no cash/credit refunds will be issued after 30-days – only in-store credit. No in-store credit will be issued after 100 days from purchase date.

  • Diffuse as a pure alternative to air freshener
  • Keeps closets and drawers smelling fresh
  • Flavor sparkling water to replace sodas
  • Use as natural culinary flavorings instead of perishable herbs and citrus
  • Add fragrance to body care and home cleaning products
  • Create your own eco-safe cleaning products and body care
Essential oils are great to use topically, but some essential oils can cause sensitivities when applied directly to the skin. However, you can easily dilute the pure essential oils by mixing them with one of the carrier oils we list below, which actually can help to increase the surface area where your essential oils can absorb and reduce or eliminate any skin irritation. For most people, we recommend a 5% – 10% dilution. (Instructions below.)

Some excellent carrier oils include: SKINNYFat Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil & Jojoba Oil.
Carrier Oil Recipes
  • Mix 1 Teaspoon of carrier oil with 1 drop of in.essence for a 1% dilution, 5 drops for a 5% dilution and 10 drops for a 10% dilution.
  • Mix 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil with 3 drops of in.essence for a 1% dilution, 15 drops for a 5% dilution and 30 drops for a 10% dilution.
  • Mix 1 fluid ounce of carrier oil with 6 drops of in.essence for a 1% dilution, 30 drops for a 5% dilution and 60 drops for a 10% dilution.
Is IN.POWER protein raw?
Our protein begins as fresh, organic, raw milk from grass-fed cows and is then low-temperature pasteurized in accordance with FDA regulations which is 15 seconds at 72 degrees celsius. It is important to note that there are no whey proteins that are legally sold in the U.S. that are unpasteurized or raw. 
Is IN.POWER soy free?
Yes, IN.POWER is soy free.
Is IN.POWER gluten free?
Yes, IN.POWER is gluten-free.
Yes, our whey is organic which mandates that the cows are not injected with milk-producing hormones, and their diet is free of pesticides, chemical additives, antibiotics and GMO ingredients.
I am lactose intolerant, will IN.POWER be suitable for me?
There is a small amount of lactose (1.07 grams) per 25 gram serving of IN.POWER. This is equivalent to the amount in hard cheeses.
Is IN.POWER Kosher and/or Halal certified?
The organic whey in IN.POWER is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union
Is it safe to consume IN.POWER while pregnant or nursing?
IN.POWER is low temperature pasteurized in accordance with FDA regulations and is considered safe for use by pregnant women. (We remind you to consult your health care provider before taking any supplements.)
How many milligrams of glutathione are in one serving of IN.POWER?
IN.POWER contains 150 mg of glutathione per serving.
Where and how should I store IN.POWER?
IN.POWER is best stored in a cool dry place in its original, BPA free packaging.
What is the shelf life for IN.POWER?
IN.POWER is safely consumed up to two years from manufacturing. A use by date is listed on the package.
Save Money With Step-Down Pricing
Save even more when you stock up.
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$10.95 ea
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We created Nutreince Natural, the unflavored, unsweetened version of our twice-a-day, powdered multivitamin beverage to serve the huge subset of people with extreme sensitivities to even ‘natural’ flavors. While these sensitive individuals were grateful to be able to access the power of nutreince without exposing themselves to flavoring, they were not fond of the natural mineral taste.

A woman wrote to us to share her extreme success with the nutreince multivitamin and she happened to mention that she used a drop of lemon essential oil to mask the taste without adding any chemical flavorings.  We gave it a try and we were hooked!

The challenge was that essential oils concentrate more than just the botanical power of plants!  They also concentrate the toxins and pesticides used to grow those plants. Knowing that, we went on a hunt for an organic, therapeutic grade, food-safe option.  What we found was costly and all too often required buying products through some multi-level marketing mess.

Our extensive research revealed that multi-level marketing means massive markups allowing for profits at every level of the pyramid!  We found a better way. We sourced higher quality, organic oils and now we are passing the savings onto you, our community, by offering Step Down Pricing.

We all win.  We get organic oils, avoid concentrated toxins from non-organic harvests, and save on expenses. Problem solved.

Mira & Jayson
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